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Serramonte Farmers’ Market

July 7, 2007 | Chuck
Organic Strawberries

The Serramonte Farmers' Market in Daly City is one our favorite markets in the Bay Area. We like the Serramonte market because it's relatively small but has a good selection of vendors and plenty of parking. The market can get busy, but it's never a mob scene like other markets in the area. The farmers' market is not a tourist attraction and has a more homey feel, where the locals do their everyday shopping. That's the primary reason Hungry Bear goes there on a regular basis.

We took a trip down to the market this past Thursday and returned with a bounty of fruit and food. Hungry Bear has had a regular strawberry vendor for the last several years, but tried a new one several weeks ago. After tasting the strawberries from several vendors, we have decided to switch to the new one, Rodriguez Farms, for the foreseeable future. Their organic strawberries were the sweetest and juiciest.

This past Thursday, the mountain grown blueberries from Rainbow Orchard were very delicious. Likewise, the apricots from CMC Farms were quite good. We also picked up some chicken and beef piroshkies. We enjoyed the piroshkies (Russian meat filled pastries) but since this was our first time trying piroshkies, we have no basis for comparison. Another new find was the purple Thai chili peppers. I've had red and green chilies, but I had never seen purple ones.

A popular vendor at the Serramonte market is Roli Roti Gourmet Rotisserie. You can't miss this stall. Just follow the wonderful aroma of rotisserie chicken to his stand. He also had rotisserie pork knuckles on Thursday. It looked really good with sizzling pork fat dripping down from each knuckle. I had to pass on getting it because we just had BBQ flank steak the previous day... next time!

Another busy vendor is Gold Rush Kettle Korn, which is next to Roli Roti. We have never tried his kettle corn but there's always a line of people waiting. If nothing else, it's interesting to watch the kettle corn making process.

No shopping trip is complete until something chocolate is purchased. We achieved this goal by getting a big chocolate brownie that was shaped like a muffin. The brownie was good, but I could have used a little more chocolate flavor. As always, it was another successful shopping trip at the Serramonte Farmers' Market.

Location & Hours:
Serramonte Mall Parking Lot
3 Serramonte Center
Daly City, CA 94016
Thursdays & Saturdays 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
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8 Comments on “Serramonte Farmers’ Market”

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  1. Kathy said:

    Hi. I really enjoyed your site. Some of the recipes I’d love to try. I am American living in Rome, Italy so it’s fun going around Rome too and Italy trying food but there is nothing like the good old USA. Boy those blueberries looked great. I miss that sort of thing. And the Vietnamese food. I love it but can’t get much here in Rome. Thanks for your site!

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  3. Amy said:

    Wow! I had no idea there was a farmer’s market in Serramonte. I like the Alemany one but this could be convenient during the week.


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