Mango and Coconut Flognarde

March 30, 2009 | Chuck
Mango and Coconut Flognarde

We were planning on posting about an 11 layer lasagna that's relatively easy to make, but the Daring Bakers' challenge this month was lasagne. As you've probably seen, the food blogosphere has been inundated with DB pasta. Instead, we present to you a mango and coconut flognarde that Hungry Bear saw on flagrantedelicia. We always enjoy looking at the beautiful photography and desserts on Leonor's site.

We were supposed to make this flognarde for Sunday nite dinner last week, but ran out of energy to make dessert (we had a pre-dinner yoga session with a one of the SNDsters). A friend brought over ice cream cookie sandwiches from Trader Joe's instead. They were super delicious and a dangerous new TJ find.

Since then, we've had some ripe mangos sitting in the fridge, so Hungry Bear finally made the flognarde today. It turned out really well and we enjoyed this fruity, custardy dessert. It's easy to make and a nice light dessert to accompany a heavy, rich meal. We will definitely make it again and try different types of fruit.

Head on over to flagrantedelicia for the mango and coconut flognarde recipe.

A Piece Mango and Coconut Flognarde

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11 Comments on “Mango and Coconut Flognarde”

  1. Rosa said:

    What a delightful Flognarde! It looks really good!



  2. Mrs. L said:

    I had no idea what a Flognarde was, it looks great!

  3. Your wonderment at the name of the dish made me smile :-) You did a great job with the ‘flaw-n-yard’. I always had it as a little girl with apples, and it never EVER crossed my mind that you could tweak that recipe! How silly of me. Great job!

  4. I had to go right to the dictionary to look up flognarde — a new term to me. Thanks — the photo is mouthwateringly lovely.

  5. Kevin said:

    This sounds really good! Great way to enjoy some mangoes!

  6. zestycook said:

    Oh YUm… this looks great. I can never get enough coconut

  7. Amanda said:

    Amen to that Zestycook! It looks amazing. So fresh and delicious.

  8. Mango and coconut, a great combination. It looks delicious!

  9. John said:

    Looking very Yummy! Great combination of Coconut and Mango.

  10. ddk said:

    Made this for a few friends to get them ready for their travel to Hawaii and it was a big hit! You can’t go wrong with fresh mangos and coconut. Served it with some homemade ice cream that took it off the top.

  11. Once I the words “mango” and “coconut” I dropped everything and paused the TV. OMG this looks amazing. I can’t wait to try it out.

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