Chocolate Blackout Cake

July 15, 2008 | Chuck
Chocolate Blackout Cake

First off, sorry for the lack of posts, but foodgawker has been "eating" up all of our time. We hope to get back on a more frequent schedule soon. Second, we had our one year blogiversary at the beginning of the month, but sadly we didn't get chance to post about it. Hungry Bear did make this incredible chocolate blackout cake to celebrate the milestone.

She used a blackout cake recipe from Sweet Stuff: Karen Barker's American Desserts, but substituted bittersweet Valrhona chocolate for the semisweet. The cake is absolutely delicious, but it's time consuming to make because of the many steps... coffee brewing, pudding creating, cake baking, cookie crumbling and icing making. We loved the pudding and the cake part. There was an extra layer of unused cake and it was fantastic by itself.

The icing tasted good, but we didn't like the hardened texture and it was difficult to work with. If we had to make it again, we would use Gale Gand's fudgy chocolate frosting instead. Or we would skip the icing, double the pudding quantity, use all four cake layers and top it with pudding.

Still, it was one of the best chocolate cakes we've made and definitely worth the effort!

hocolate Blackout Cake with Cookie Crumb

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43 Comments on “Chocolate Blackout Cake”

  1. Happy blog birthday — and thank you for all the work you’re putting into Foodgawker. Love the chocolate cake, and would be happy to relieve you of any pesky leftovers!!

  2. Jude said:

    Mmm Valrhona… Sounds insanely rich and I want it. Thanks for that link to Gand’s frosting recipe.

  3. kickpleat said:

    wow, that photo made me gasp. looks amazing.

  4. lori said:

    Well, it certainly looks worth all your efforts! It’s gorgeous!

  5. Great to have you back!! That last photo is just gorgeous – wonder if I have any chocolate around here…

  6. Amanda said:

    What a way to come back. That cake makes my chocolate-craving body perk right up. I have never used chocolate pudding in the middle before. Was it stabilized with gelatin?

  7. Rosa said:

    What a wonderful cake! I love that name… Delicious!



  8. Erin said:

    That cake looks seriously problematic…as in it will “probably” make me fat since I’ll eat the whole thing in one sitting ;)

  9. saucytart said:

    Yummm. Gotta try it. Thanks for the link to foodgawker. I grabbed myself a widget. Your site? it’s gorgeous.

  10. F. Pepper said:

    This cake looks fabulous – happy 1 year anniversary! Thanks for all the work on foodgawker – it makes me hungry when I know I shouldn’t be.

  11. grace said:

    i firmly believe that one can never consume too much chocolate. this cake is glorious. beautiful and decadent and delightful–bravo. :)

  12. Nicisme said:

    Happy blog birthday! The cake looks wonderful!

  13. Dragon said:

    Oh how lovely! I love the shine on the icing. Great job!

  14. Kevin said:

    That looks so decadent and chocolaty and good!

  15. Mary said:

    Holy Hannah, that looks good! Happy blog birthday!

  16. I could get addicted to this cake. And my jeans would never fit me again! :)


  17. Tony said:

    love the looks of that blackout cake! Gale Gand is amazing – I want to eat at the restaurant she cooks at in Chicago!

  18. Mrs. L said:

    Happy belated blog anniversary! That cake looks delicious.

  19. Mari said:

    This looks like a dream of a chocolate cake, I’m going to add it to my “to bake” list!

  20. canarygirl said:

    Sweet jeebus this looks good. *faints*

  21. C said:

    Happy 1 year Blogiversary! I am not patient enough to make this cake, but it looks SO delicious!

  22. I just need to add a TON of candles to that chocolate beauty and it’ll be my birthday cake!

    Great job on FoodGawker Chuck, I always wonder if you ever sleep!

  23. Mrs. L said:

    Happy belated blogiversary and OH MY WORD, that cake! All chocolate goodness looking. Wow. It looks delicious!

  24. Caitlin said:

    Oh yeah. That definitely satisfied my need for chocolate cake. Made it with a girlfriend, we went the more pudding, no icing route and heartily recommend it. We ended up making 2 batches of pudding to cover the whole thing. We forgot to add the 1/2 cup milk to the dry ingredients in the first batch of pudding and came up with a delicious chocolate pudding/icing (pudcing?) which we used as the outside icing. Yummy-ness all round!

    Last note: pudding is WAY easier to make than I thought it would be!! Thanks for this recipe and happy blogiversary!

  25. KB said:

    This is my favorite cake, and well worth the trouble. I’m convinced it has to be this time-consuming to make to keep everyone from eating it all the time.

  26. sharon said:

    Congrats on the blogaversary and thanks for your hard work on Foodgawker. I’d like to stick my finger through that icing and get a nice taste!

  27. Chefectomy said:


    First off, great work on Food Gawker, very commendable what you are doing for the food blogging community. The anniversay cake looks scrumptious, great photos.


  28. lalaine said:

    Darn! Darn! Darn! I now have car keys in my hand and ready to drive to a bakeshop so I can get an inferior chocolate cake. I have to satisfy this chocolate-craving monster you woke up in me! Thanks a lot!

  29. paresh said:

    delicious cake, thanks for sharing.

  30. elbseattle said:

    So where’s the freakin’ recipe???

  31. Haley said:

    I’m Haley, Key Ingredient’s Chief Blogger. We would like to feature this recipe and photo on our blog. We realize it is taken from another source, but we’ll be sure to note that…we just feel you’ve done a great job putting this meal together! Please email if interested. Thanks :)


  32. so like IF i was ever going to make a chocolate cake. this would be it. it looks freakin AMAZING…

  33. Leonor said:

    This cake looks awesome! And the icing must be amazing… not to talk about Valrhona semisweet chocolate

  34. James Effs said:

    a chocoholics dream. It looked so good I am going to have myelf a piece of cake, ill be right back :)

  35. Jennifer said:

    Chuck, this is the third or fourth time I’ve come here to visit this cake. At some point, I’ll have to move beyond visitation and make it myself.

  36. maggie said:

    this looks just incredible—I could practically lick that photo.

  37. Kristen said:

    OMG – that looks AMAZING! Yum! That would cure any chocolate craving, I’m sure!

  38. jeanne said:


  39. Jesse said:

    Hey. This is a delicious cake. Thanks for showcasing it!

    One question: how did you get your pudding so firm? I’ve made this twice now using the recipes you linked and the pudding always looks like normal pudding (delicious!). It doesn’t come out firm enough to behave like icing and form a distinct layer in the cake.

    Any tips?

  40. Bea said:

    Hello, I made this cake with my sister in law and everyone loved it. We actually used the icing as well but had another layer of pudding on top. Yum!

  41. Susan said:

    I use the extra cake layer to crumble on the cake instead of the cookies. One less ingredient and cost. This cake is Delicious


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