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Braised Pork, Tofu and Mushrooms

July 4, 2007 | Chuck
Braised Pork, Tofu and Mushrooms

Braised pork, tofu and mushrooms is my favorite dish prepared by Hungry Bear. I love this dish because of the ground pork and shiitake mushrooms. We usually eat it with stir fried water spinach/hollow greens and jasmine rice.

The recipe is based on one found in the cookbook, The Breath of a Wok: Unlocking the Spirit of Chinese Wok Cooking Through Recipes and Lore. Hungry Bear followed the recipe the first time she prepared it but has since altered it to our tastes. The primary seasonings in the recipe are soy sauce and oyster sauce. We have enhanced the dish by adding Vietnamese chili garlic sauce for a spicy kick. Additionally, shiitake mushrooms with its great flavor and texture has replaced the plain button mushrooms.

I really like the flavor combinations of the pork, soy, oyster and chili sauce. The dish also has a nice complement of textures from the ground pork, pan-fried tofu and shiitake mushrooms. The dish is wonderful on a bed of rice and a side of stir-fried water spinach.

Water spinach has many names such as hollow greens (due to its hollow stem), rau muong (Vietnamese), on choy (Cantonese) and kongxincài (Mandarin), which literally translates to "hollow heart vegetable." Hollow greens is one of our favorite vegetables and we simply stir fry it in a little oil with garlic and salt.

If you click through the pictures, you'll see a bowl of rice with chili sauce mixed together. I call this "red rice." I like adding the chili sauce to flavor my rice. It's not for the heat, because I'm immune to its spiciness. For heat, I'll eat a fresh chili pepper, usually a Thai red chili, with each meal.

I love braised pork, tofu and mushrooms so much that I'm having a major craving for it as I write this post. It's a really simple home cooked dish and is considered a comfort food by Hungry Bear.

I could eat this meal once a week but I'm limited to having it once a month. Hungry Bear doesn't want me to grow accustomed to eating it so I will think of it as a special meal when she prepares it. I think I have to wait an agonizing three more weeks until I can have it again.

Update 03.04.2008: Better pictures and the recipe can be found at Braised Pork, Tofu and Shiitakes.

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  1. Maggie said:

    beautiful pictures. looks like the trick is to do close ups. too bad i didn’t know you when i lived in san fran. (if you’re wondering who i am, i am jeff (from nyc)’s cross country cycling friend.

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