Oysters and Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs

October 25, 2007 | Chuck
Oysters with Three Sauces

Oysters and hot dogs? What the hell? That was my first reaction when Jane invited us over for dinner last Saturday. I asked her what her inspiration was for this odd food pairing. She responded with "it's what I'm craving." Alrighty then! I have to admit, oysters and hot dogs is the most original surf and turf combination I've ever heard of.

The actual dinner dishes were...

  • Champagne and oysters with three different type of sauces cocktail sauce, red wine mignonette and champagne mignonette.
  • Grilled bacon-wrapped stuffed hot dogs
  • Stir-fried Chinese long beans and eggplant
  • Banana cream pie

Hungry Bear and I brought over the vegetables that we got from the Serramonte Farmers' Market and Garry's friends picked up a banana cream pie from Mission Pie. Not only did we have a really peculiar surf and turf, the rest of the meal was an eclectic pot luck.

Jane ordered eight dozen oysters form Royal Hawaiian Seafood...

  • Malpeque PEI
  • Kumamoto Point Reyes
  • Fanny Bay B.C.
  • Malaspina B.C.
  • Effingham Inlet B.C.
  • Kusshi Petite B.C.
  • Beau Soleil
  • One more type I didn't catch

We had the oysters raw with the three sauces, which Garry made from the Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home cookbook. I'm not a big champagne person, but it went really well with the brininess of the oysters. My favorite oyster was the Malpeque PEI with the cocktail sauce, however I'm not an oyster expert. After sucking down a few, they all tasted the same. Maybe Jane, our oyster connoisseur, can add more commentary on the oysters?

Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Hot Dog

I thought the highlight of the meal was the bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Garry made the dogs using this grilled bacon-wrapped stuffed hot dogs recipe. The frankfurters were stuffed with mustard, ketchup, cheese, onions and sauerkraut, then wrapped with bacon! I usually don't like sauerkraut on my dogs, but I didn't mind it this time. Who's not going to like a bacon-wrapped hot dog on a toasted bun?!? I really liked the extra crunch the grilled bacon added to the stuffed dog. The wieners were accompanied by a side of stir-fried long beans and eggplant. We definitely needed some healthy veggies with the heart attack on a bun.

For dessert, we had banana cream pie from Mission Pie. The pie was good and was not overly sweet. The predominant flavor was banana and not sugar... a big thumbs up from me. We are going to have to try different pie types from Mission Pie.

Overall, dinner was fantastic. It was the strangest assortment of dishes I've had in a long time, maybe ever. Oysters, champagne, hot dogs, Chinese vegetables and a banana cream pie. Can anyone else top this meal in terms of goodness and quirkiness?

SNDsters: Garry, Karen, Eva, Yvonne, Keith, Jane, Mark, Hungry Bear, Chuck

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6 Comments on “Oysters and Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs”

  1. hungry bear said:

    i was most impressed with 5 year old Eva slurping down as many (or more!) oysters as the rest of us!

  2. East Coast Lover of SND said:

    This must be the most random Sunday Night Dinner yet – it looks great! This Jane that you speak of sounds like quite a character – I think I like her! The scrumptious looking hot dog on a toasted bun is just right for me – but what I want to know is if Jane actually ate it on a bun? I thought she might prefer some thinly sliced roast beef or something to hold her dog!

  3. Chuck said:

    Believe it or not Jane ate the hot dog with a bun. I’m not sure if she had a second one, but if she did, I’m sure it was sans bun.

    @hungry bear – I concur. I’ve never seen a 5 year old eat oysters, let alone suck down that many so fast!

  4. Jane said:

    Bread’s a filler. Next time, it’s protein style for me. What could possibly be better than meat on meat?

    Oysters: I was so inspired by this magazine that Garry brought over: http://www.flickr.com/photos/j.....812377709/
    I wanted to be this guy. This is a great magazine. This particular one tells you everything you’d want to know about Olympia Oysters.

    Oh, and the missing batch of oysters were the Hood Canal Oysters from Washington. My favorite is the Kumamotos: small, briny at first, then sweet.

  5. Cindy said:

    Oh my,
    That hot dog looks “heavenly!”

  6. Graeme said:

    Hot Dawg!

    And *what* a Hot Dog.


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