Chocolate Devil’s Food Cupcakes

September 19, 2007 | Chuck
Chocolate Devil's Food Cupcake

As I mentioned in the last post, our friend Jane made chocolate devil's food cupcakes for dessert last Sunday. She has made these cupcakes for us in the past and we love them. Jane uses a devil's food cupcake recipe from the Food Network. The cocoa powder and chocolate brand used is Valrhona, so the cupcakes are pure chocolate delights.

In the process of making the ganache, Jane overheated her cream and broke it. The chocolate separated and became grainy, then I made it worse by overheating it more. None of us had broken a ganache before, so we were at a loss on how to fix it. Fortunately, we were able to find a remedy from The Secrets of Baking...

If your ganache looks broken or feels grainy, there is still hope for it. To repair a broken ganache, divide it in half. Warm one half over a double boiler to a temperature of 130 degrees F. The fat will melt and pool at this temperature, making the mixture thinner. Cool the remaining ganache to 60 degrees F by stirring it over a bowl of ice. The fat in this portion will begin to solidify, causing the ganache to thicken.

When both halves have reached the desired temperatures, slowly stream the hot ganache into the cold and stir to combine. You can use a food processor for this step by placing the cool ganache into the bowl of the food processor, turning on the machine, and streaming in the warm ganache. The mixture will not fall below 90 degrees F during this procedure, so there is no risk of creating a grainy texture. Combining the two portions of ganache in this way averages the temperature into the optimal working range, and the fat droplets will be suspended evenly in the water.

We followed the directions and were able to save the ganache. It would have been sad to discard the Valrhona chocolate but thankfully we fixed it and topped the devil's food cupcakes with the ganache. The cupcakes were fantastic!

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6 Comments on “Chocolate Devil’s Food Cupcakes”

  1. Jenn said:

    WOW those look SO good. I’m going to try them this weekend and let you know! :)

  2. Jane said:

    Actually, this was the recipe I used. The difficulty level says “easy” on this one as opposed the “expert” one above.,00.html

  3. Chuck said:

    Thanks Jane. I updated the recipe link in the post. When are you making them again?!?

  4. Chuck said:

    Jenn, I updated the recipe link per Jane. Let me know how they turn out.

  5. CABaker said:

    This tip totally saved my separated ganache. Thanks!

  6. Lisa said:

    ruined my ganache, made it much worse and separated terribly!

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