Poached Eggs with Matcha Salt

January 25, 2009 | Chuck
Poached Eggs with Matcha Salt

Last year, we attended a Chef Panel Discussion event presented by the Asian Culinary Forum (Andrea Nguyen is one of co-founders). The panelists included Charles Phan (Slanted Door), Eric Gower (The Breakaway Cook) and a several other respected Bay Area chefs.

Hungry Bear and I were really impressed with Eric. He was by far the most entertaining and passionate person on the panel. Through his commentary, Eric sold us on his "breakaway" cooking style. The simplicity of his cooking really resonated with us. The ultimate clincher was the way he enthusiastically described his poached eggs with matcha salt.

We bought a copy of his book that evening and got it signed by Eric. He wrote in the book...

"May you have many years of maccha happiness!"

Well, we started out the year by finally making Eric's signature dish. It doesn't get any easier than this... a poached egg with matcha salt sprinkled on top. As far as how it tasted, I think the picture speaks for itself! We look forward to trying out more breakaway cook recipes.

To my Vietnamese peeps, Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Hungry Bear says, "Gong Xi Fa Cai!" And to everyone else, Happy Lunar New Year!

Oozy yolk from Poached Eggs

Matcha Salt Recipe

SND Note: Per Eric Gower, matcha salt goes well with egg yolks, tofu, onions and even chocolate.

  • 1/4 cup coarse sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon matcha powder
  1. Combine sea salt and matcha powder.

[Via The Breakaway Cook by Eric Gower]

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21 Comments on “Poached Eggs with Matcha Salt”

  1. Joy said:

    That looks awesome. And what an interesting combination. I wouldn’t have thought of matcha and salt.

  2. Rita said:

    Great idea! The photos look yummy.

  3. Kalyn said:

    Sounds great! I love the idea of matcha salt. I can’t remember how I discovered Eric’s blog, but I’ve been following it for a while now and I really like his style.

  4. Lan said:

    Chup mung nam moi chuck and hungry bear! May this year be a healthy and joyous one.

    i’ve never heard of my matcha powder (gasp!) but i do love my eggs soft like this. and really, anything good paired with chocolate is a great thing.

  5. Eric Gower said:

    Thank you Chuck! Great to meet you here — I do think I remember you from that night at ferry plaza. Really nice photo–I could wolf that down in two bites!

    And hi Kalyn! Thanks for the kind words….

    I’ve bookmarked you Chuck, so I’ll be checking back regularly — it’s a lovely site you’ve got here.

  6. One of my favorite cookbook authors! It’s too late to make this now, but his persimmon salad totally rocks. I wrote a post on my blog about it in December. It’s super easy, and seduced even my friends who thought they hated persimmons.

  7. Thanks for the tip about matcha salt. I’ve had matcha powder in my pantry for a year and keep forgetting to do something with it. This seems like a great little breakfast or light lunch dish.

  8. Cynthia said:

    Happy New Year!

  9. lori said:

    My gosh, matcha and salt and eggs!!! I never would’ve thought.

  10. igre said:

    I have got to try this ASAP! Looks more than just delicious. Mmmm…

  11. Tim said:

    I tried some Matcha salt in Tokyo, and can confirm that it goes particularly well with tempura, too.

    (By the way, I came to your blog via drooling over your kitchen on Jen’s site, and I love it!)

  12. I’m really intrigued as to what matcha salt tastes like…oooh…ahhh…

  13. This looks so delicious! I have to try out this matcha salt!

  14. heidileon said:

    matcha salt? omg!!!!! that’s terrific, I will make some NOW :)

  15. Jen Yu said:

    You guys totally need to update. I am really missing my SND fix! xxoo

  16. Kelley said:

    Hi Breakaway Cook fans,
    I’m out of town and don’t have the cookbook with me. I want to make the beef “curry” recipe from the cookbook for my family; does anyone have it?


  17. I never try to make this dish but I will try to make it tonight with matcha salt. Lovely sharing.

  18. igre said:

    Mmmm, that’s looks delicious!

  19. Matcha said:

    Just tried this recipe, but instead of poached — i’m using soft boiled eggs (more hearty IMO)

    You HAVE to make sure you use sea salt that’s coarse, sea salt = win

  20. John said:

    This is such a unique combination,i will definitely try this. Thanks!

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